Our architecture is defined by the undogmatic examination of a project’s particular topics, not by continuous application of identical formal arrangements independent from task and location. In doing so we are following an integrated work approach starting from the urban requirements, the constructional and cultural context as well as the function of each building typology. From beginning up to completion each single building task lies in the responsibility of one partner and his team. The design progress is accompanied by an intense dialogue between all participating parties to guarantee the achievement of the optimal result. Regular partner meetings where all projects are being discussed are the basis for the ongoing high quality standard of our work. We aspire to create architecture of lasting value beyond the here and now: timeless and yet clearly part of their time, innovative and equally grounded in history. With our local organization form and offices in the important economic areas of Germany we guarantee special regional knowledge, quick availability and direct communication with the local contact persons. The same service is given in our international subsidiaries. With this attitude we have managed to complete over a 1000 buildings worldwide in the last 70 years and we are pleased with each new building we will be able to realize in the future. The Düsseldorf-based partnership is now in its 4th generation since it was founded in 1933 by Professor Hentrich and today comprises 10 offices with approx. 260 employees in Germany and abroad. Among their most well-known projects are the “Dreischeibenhaus” in Düsseldorf, the renovation of the Central Railway Station in Leipzig and “Langer Eugen” in Bonn, the Concert Hall in Düsseldorf and the revitalisation of the Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm. HPP Architects head office is in the Düsseldorf Media Harbor, other offices are in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Shanghai, Sofia and Washington.
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