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As a prestigious master in landscape design, “Rockery-Han” has a long history in Chinese tradition. Since Dao-Guang Dynasty (19th Century), four generations of landscape designer has inherent the original arts and craft. We have design, built, and repaired hundreds of classical landscape gardens in China.

As a professional practice of landscape architects, “Rockery-Han” is able to deal with designing and creating Rockery, GRC Rockwork, Civil Engineering, Verdurization, Parergon, and Planning. In particular, our designs are renown for the absolute originality and excellent quality. Rockery-Han also registered as an inherent of National Intangible Cultural Heritage in China.

As a Classical Honoured Brand, “Rockery-Han” accentuates in providing a poetic meaning to the technically proficient landscape project. Cultural reference and background figure largely in the value system of our design approach. We ensure to deliver original design and quality construction.

As a woking team, “Rockery-Han” proposes to develop and promote each employee’s personal ability and potential value. We pay particular attention to team-working spirit, perseverence, and sensitivity in operating the Chinese traditional landscape design projects.
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