Beijing, 2014
Located in Grand Canal Forest Park, Tree Clubhouse is supposed to provide catering services and hold reunions, exhibitions and business meetings. The design is inspired by the form of... more
Wuyishan, 2013
The Wuyishan Bamboo Raft Factory is a storage and manufacturing facility which produces bamboo rafts used to sail the Nine Bend River in Wuyi Mountain. The project sits atop a plateau surrounded... more
Weihai, 2012
The pavilion is located in woods on the hill of TashanPark in Weihai, a coastline city in Shandong. To protect the trees in site and offer the view to major sights of city, the building is... more
Gaoligong Mountain, 2010
The museum is situated in a beautiful landscape next to xinzhuang village under Gaoligong Mountain of Yunnan, a world ecological preserve area in southwest of China.  The village has a long... more
Yancheng, 2010
The clubhouse is located on one side of a river in Yancheng, surrounded by a park and sports field. The extended horizon, sky, water, island in river, and reed, these elements of the site define a... more
Beijing, 2009
Located in an aeronautical factory on North 3rd Ring of Beijing, the existing warehouse is a three bay 36 meter deep concrete structure, with 4 meter high space in first two bays and 7.8 meter... more
Deyang, 2009
The old Xiaoquan Elementary School was severely damaged during the catastrophic 5.12 Sichuan earthquake in 2008 and was demolished afterwards. Supported by donations from several sponsors, the... more
Beijing, 2008
This dining hall for disabled children care center is a charity project. The design needs to accommodate the function with a very limited budget. The building is conceived as a very basic device... more
Hotel of Shuiguan Great Wall, Beijing, 2012-

HSCT Pediatric Hospital, Guangzhou, 2013-

Tianchi Art Center, Xinjiang, 2013-
Hua Li
Jiang Nan
Zhang Feng
Chen Kai
Lai Erxun
Igor Bragado Fernandez
Zhang Zhiming
Qian Jun
Zhang Zhiming
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