Building Boom in China – Architecture on the Horizon

For the first time, young architects from the People’s Republic of China are presented on the internet in a worldwide forum.

>> They belong to a promising new generation that has emerged with its own architectural identity while their work refers to new trends in international contemporary architecture, which they have absorbed and encountered in their travels and studies abroad. The unique condition of the Chinese construction industry creates a specific environment that requires an adaptable modus operandi. Given this new situation, special attention has to be given to how new paradigms evolve from economic, sociological, and even aesthetic concepts.

The question of contemporary lifestyles, radical interpretations of historic models, and surface materiality, form the basis of a new beginning for Chinese architecture after the socialist experiments of the second half of the twentieth century. In China, the extreme speed of development, along with competition between cities and financial investors, as well as the cooperation with foreign colleagues, creates an environment that can be reinterpreted and used aesthetically.

The creative potential of these young architects, presented in an international discourse, such as this Web site, not only promotes their local significance, through project examples, but also will change the West’s stereotypical interpretation of China as a homogeneous society.

Eduard Kögel, Curator