Chongqing New World Shopping Center

Chongqing New World Shopping Center is located at the intersection of the Jialing and Yangtze River and just opposite the old CBD area in Chongqing. Despite the considerable incline of 40m, the shopping paradise is spread across 4 terraced levels, encapsulated in a protective glass mold to keep out the pollution and dirt of the city, fully use natural resources available such as wind, light, water and landscape, creating a comfortable shopping atmosphere and providing a multi-function leisure and entertainment space. The shops are connected to a strip of luxury residential housing as well as a super highrise tower, serving luxury guests with its 5-star hotel. The super highrise will become the landmark of Chongqing new CBD area. The planning and architectural design was well devised based on the business model, upon completion, New World Shopping Center will become the 13th largest leisure, entertainment and shopping center in the world.

Project Name: Chongqing New World Shopping Center
Location: Chongqing, China
Client: Chongqing Jiangwan Real Estate Co., Ltd;Hong Kong Concord Group
Project Team: Frank Krueger
Building Area: 701,100sq.m
Design Period: Apr.08- Oct.08

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