Green Link between City and Taihu Lake ——Wuxi Shangxianhe River Wetland Park

Atelier DYJG was founded by Wang Xiangrong and Lin Qing in 2000.The office is engaged in landscape architecture practice and theoretical research. The reason that we named our office as Polysemous Landscape(the meaning of Atelier DYJG's Chinese name)is because the scope of landscape we understand is very large,and the word itself of "landscape" is polysemy. We have always been interested in multiple meaning and diverse expression of landscape architecture. Meanwhile, we have consistently pursued such kind of landscape that is keeping pace with social development, meeting the functional requirement, integrating art and science, and has multiple meaning,multiple expressions and multiple appeals.


Atelier DYJG has been maintaining an appropriate size,so that we can easily carry out our thoughts deeply into each project. We cherish the values of traditions, whereas we are more concerned about the exploration of contemporary landscape. Our motto is that we do not simulate the past or repeat ourselves. Every design is the product of specific place and specific ideas. They are consistent with the spirit of the age and in keeping with scientific principles, needs of society, technological development and up-to-date aesthetic conception.


We are delighted to say that most of our projects have been ranked in the most important and influential landscape projects of China. And most of our design works have received attentions and favorable comments from the profession. Atelier DYJG has established a broad influence through our practices.


Atelier DYJG is also inclined to researches. We not only treat every design as a process of research, but also conduct a wide range of theoretical researches with many published achievements. We make our own contribution to the modernization of Chinese landscape.


Moreover, Atelier DYJG is also the classroom for young designers. Every year, there are many outstanding and talented students study and practice here. Our philosophy of design and way of working have had influences on them and would also have a marked impact on their future career.It can be said that Atelier DYJG has been always training talents for Chinese landscape profession since the day it was founded and will continue to do so in the future.

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