Beijing Hutong

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Collaboration: 8th Ring Road Limited

The issue of the urban regeneration in the classical city of Beijing is still without clear response. The population density downtown is one of the major problems of the city. Formerly structured around a clear empty square space, the courtyard now finds itself colonized by a multitude of micro self constructed buildings because of the spaces needs. The morphology of the urban space is completely transformed by these grafts, which make almost unreadable the old structure. Therefore one quick solution applies to the authorities: the destruction / reconstruction.

The project attempts to provide an alternative to this situation by proposing a modest and economic intervention in order to reveal the quality of existing space. Therefore our first task is to destroy these additions to redefine a new void. Our extension, necessary, replacing the old shacks is placed in the spirit of composition of the original urban space by defining a classic courtyard. The project includes three interventions: rehabilitation of the existing building, new extension and the treatment of the courtyard.

Location: Beijing, China

Project year: 2010

Project Area: 80 sqm

Program: housing

Photos: Theophile Serig


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