Bamboo design in Taiyang Farming Commune

“山上建筑”/Shan, the office name reflects the design approaches of the "into the mountains" or "the fields", an "insitu" localized method of architecture and design, at same time explores the design topics of "natural construction" and organic material, incooperated into our design. Located in the scenic city of Hangzhou in eastern China, where the office focus on projects in the settings of natural landscape, rural fields and villages, or urban historical areas. Project types include civic, social, hospitality, agricultural, rehabilitation and residential works. The office team are comprised of design professionals, academic professors, and artists of drawings and modelings, in a cross boundary work environment. In recent years, we have been published and reported internationally for our contribution to the current rural reconstruction movement, and in our socially oriented, native and natural way to transform a rural place “Taiyang Commune” since 2013, we have been working continuously in the fields and mountains of the area.

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Xihu District, Hangzhou
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