Fotografia © Su Shengliang
Fotografia © Su Shengliang
Fotografia © Su Shengliang
Fotografia © Su Shengliang
Fotografia © Su Shengliang
Dibuix © ATELIER L+

Qingdao Linghai Spa Hotel

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Wenquan Town, Jimo, 266200 Qingdao
20-100 pisos

The project strengthened the trend ofexperience-oriented fivestars hotel design. The design of Qingdao Linghai Spa Hotel mainly focused on"environmental responsive construction". The environmental parametric design based construction tries to provide an integrated paradigm for the contemporary architectural practice.Based on rational analysis of environmental parameters (wind, light, heat and landscape), the designers tried to shape the building according to thermodynamic energy theory. The building captures a panoramic view of the seaside, and introduces wind and light to create a wavy effect of the architectural form. It was a great challenge to create this curved spacial facade and to construct the flowing interior spaces . Curved glasses and inclined beams together shape the canyon-like atrium space of the hotel.

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