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dongqi creates architecture, interiors, brand identity and graphic design.

dongqi is a young and dynamic multi-disciplinary design practice dedicated to offering high quality spatial and identity design solutions. Established by JIANG Nan in 2014, The practice has an international outlook, and its core team is assembled from outstanding designers who have studied and practised around the world including Europe, Singapore and the United States. At the same time, dongqi has accumulated practical project experiences with integration of leading-edge intelligent technologies to its projects. dongqi delivers innovation by exploring partnerships with like-minded practitioners from fields as wide-ranging as art, fashion, science and technology. The practice is also exploring intelligent fabrication capabilities such as the KUKA robot and 3D sand printing. In 2017, dongqi established its creative arm and began to work on projects of varying scales and typologies that allow creative explorations in a holistic manner combining different disciplines: architecture, interiors, branding, graphic and packaging design, filmmaking, art installation and curatorial work. This exploratory approach closes the gap between architecture and brand experiences for even greater disruptive design outcomes and cultural influences.

dongqi work has also been widely published in Architectural Digest, Archdaily, BauNetz, Domus, FRAME, Detail, Design Anthology, designboom, Gooood, Retail Design Blog, Interni & Decor Korea, Interior Design, and the 2017 China Interior Design Yearbook. dongqi’s design has been recognised by a number of prestigious international design awards such as German Design Award 2018 and Restaurant & Bar Design Award.

dongqi operates globally with a local base in Shanghai.

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