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Wang Lu was born in 1963 in Zhejiang, China, and entered the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University in 1979, received the Master's degree of Architecture and began working as an assistant in the School of Architecture in Tsinghua University in 1987. Since 1991, he had pursued study in Hannover University in Germany. He received the Ph.D. in 1997. Now he is professor at the School of Architecture in Tsinghua University, chief editor of World Architecture Magazine, which is the most influential Architecture Magazine in China.

Besides the professorship in the university, he leads also the architectural office "in+of architecture", doing planning and design practice in China. His works are published in many magazines and books, like in AV, Architectural Record, Bauwelt, Made in China etc. He has given lectures at ETH Zürich, TU Berlin, UNSW Sydney, University of Ljubljana etc. and participated in many exhibitions in China and abroad, including "bauen+bauen" in Düsseldorf 2003, "Shenzhen architectural biennale" 2005, "China contemporary" in NAI in Rotterdam, 2006. He is Council Member of the Architecture Society of China. Consultant of city planning for many cities in China and curator for the Chinese Pavilion of the 1st international Architecture Triennale in Lisbon (TAL'07).

He lives and works in Beijing.