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logon is a German-based international design office that integrates urban planning, architecture and landscape design to respond to our client's challenges by partnering with them to find extraordinary and comprehensive solutions, perfectly tailored to situation and context.
From our Shanghai office, local and international architects, landscape designers, interior designers, urban designers, engineers, 3D artists, sociologists and marketers partner together on all projects. This guarantees that world-class design ideas respect local building code and regulations. Also, we believe that the knowledge produced by the interaction of multiple disciplines creates not only beautiful design, but holistic design that responds to vehicle & human flows, business concept and the site's history.
Thanks to extensive experience in China and international expertise along with a number of industry professionals challenging one another daily, logon offers a wide range of services from feasibility study, to quality design, right through to site service and quality control.
In order to ensure a quality full package approach in urban architecture, landscape and design, projects are carried to completion by four main departments.
The Research & Development (R&D) department analyses the site, former building uses, traffic flows or local consumer behavior and socio-economic factors that influence local society. Business Marketing Services refines the business concept based on research provided by R&D, to provide the client with the most profitable solution possible. The Design department ensures the concept is translated into strong direction and an aesthetically compelling design. And the Technical department guarantees structural quality during the design stage and top construction implementation in the building phase.

logon comes along side the client to fully embrace the needs of the end user.
logon creates brand new ideas based on contextualization and site analysis.
Where appropriate, logon uses the existing elements of the site to bridge the gap between former identity and new design for new purpose.
Design, though aesthetic, is primarily functional, enhancing user-experience as much as possible.
logon believes in high-quality materials, which enhance comfort and save energy.
logon intentionally narrows the gap between humans and nature for a harmonious and sustainable cohabitation.

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