Arc top surface
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Project appearance
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Shop overview
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Baking area details
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Fotografia © Yingda Xu
DIY area details
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Changhong glass film details
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Cashier area1
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Cashier area2
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Cashier area3
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Baking area
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DIY area1
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DIY area2
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La Douce Patisserie Bakery

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First floor, Zhongheng design building, Suzhou Industrial Park, 215000 Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Design Concept: “Evaporation and sublimation”

This design concept is generated from the process of continuous "evaporation and sublimation" of water vapor during the baking and heating, which results in a series of pure-interesting shapes.

La Douce Patisserie is a French coffee shop, which is not only a place for seiling desserts, but also served for providing more needs and possibilities for consumers. People can shop , take photos, and enjoy food, communiation, and cooking experience , etc. We donated to redefine the concept of dessert shops from aspects such as business modes and space design.

With the infiltration of the experience-economy and people's understanding in the recent years,the “popular style” of a period is changing. Initially, we hope to hear and realize the owner’s wishes during the communication. However, during the process, while we are surprised by the owner’s rationality, we gradually understand her requirements -taking the advantage of the purest environment for roasting and coffee. She hopes that it will not be blindly obeyed, not impetuous, provide enough space for imagining and giving, and lead the boutique experience. Whether for coffee aroma or coffee machine, desserts or monderian-art, or the sudden inspiration in the afternoon, people can rest here.

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