Crossboundaries' Transformable Workplace

Beijing, 2021

Beyond workspace. Reinforcing innovation in resilience. By the end of 2020, the two most significant typologies for everyday use as a so...

beyondtime architects


北京, 2021

这个项目位于北京某小区内一住宅楼首层的新置二手房。 第一次拜访这套房子的时候,被迎面扑来的南向的院子和被阳光打在墙上的树影所吸引,刹那间淡忘了进入小区前穿越北京城区的拥堵和夏日的闷热。房子的现状是打通了所有隔墙作为画室使用的大敞间,沿着墙体在房间内游走,开始酝酿被重新分隔空...

Atelier Heimat

Ban(半) House

Weinan, 2013

Brick and wood structure buildings, which exist in large numbers in rural areas, have obvious deficiencies in seismic capacity, lighting,...


House L

Changchun, 2019

A property bought by our client, seated in a silent and elegant townhouse neighborhood in Jingyue District of Changchun City, is going to...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area

Sanming, 2016

Shangping Village Regeneration - Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area The last design area of the Shang Ping Village Regeneration is somewhere hidden...


Hillside Dwelling


Hillside Dwelling The project is a guest room situated on the 28th floor of New Everbright Center • ArtPark9, Tongzhou District, Beijing...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Free Balcony An

Beijing, 2018

Designed by Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) for a couple, Free Balcony An is an interior design that transforms a typical two-bedroom a...


Mahjong School Philanthropists: A Father to son…

Hong Kong, 2017

Dear friends, I wish to share with you a story of one of our clients, Jeffrey Kwok and his father, who are both philanthropists from Hon...


Interior design of resort hotel in JinDing bay,…

Shanwei, 2018

Simple and elegant Aesthetics of Harmony. Space experience of minimalism and simplicity. The Eastern implication of Zen Silence. ........


RESET Apartment

Beijing, 2012

Context The lifestyles of young professionals have not been settling down. They are bored of the stereotypical ro...


O-1-2 Apartment

Huludao, 2011

As an experimental model developed from the RESET Apartment, this show unit is designed to be adaptive using a simple ceiling track syste...


Residential Unit for VANKE

Chengdu, 2012

Urbanus Architecture & Design

OCT Loft Renovation

Shenzhen, 2010

The renovation at the Eastern Industrial Area located in Nanshan district, Oversea Chinese Town (OCT) LOFT plays a very important role fo...

Chang Bene Design

House in the Sky

Hong Kong, 2006

A conventional flat was transformed into a loft-like space that incorporates living and working, with a new pavilion on the roof set in a...


Beijing Image

Beijing, 2005

Beijing Image Residential This residential housing project, located at the corner of the forth ring road and Fucheng Road ...

FAKE Design

Courtyard 105

Beijing, 2004

Caochangdi is a village located at the east suburb of Beijing, close to the fifth ring road and Jichang Fulu. The site area o...

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