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Studio Libeskind

National Holocaust Monument




IOMA IOMA is an art center situated at 798 Art Zone, Beijing, which is a transformation project. Based on the concept of "symbiosis", th...

a•g Licht

Guangxi Culture & Art Center

Guangxi, 2018

Revery Architecture

Xiqu Centre

Hong Kong, 2019

The Xiqu Centre is the first performing arts centre in Hong Kong’s new West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) dedicated to performing the ...



Beijing, 2014


Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd

Baoan Cultural Complex

Shenzhen, 2013

The Cultural Complex of Baoan District is composed of three individual buildings - a library, a youth palace and a performing arts centre...

OPEN Architecture

Pingshan Performing Arts Center

Shenzhen, 2017

By combining the ‘formal function’ of the grand theater with ‘informal functions’ such as educational/social activities related to the pe...


Detail Planning & Architectural Design for the…

Xi’an, 2016

Site Area The gross planning area is 700 thousands square meters and the gross building area of the cultural architectures is 35 th...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Yang Liping Performing Arts Center

Dali, Yunnan, 2015

The professional dancer Yang Liping is a star in China. She has created new interpretations of the folk dances from the Yunnan region and...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]



The direction and forces of nature remain illusive. Man cannot predict how the earths layers will fold and meld. The next major sets of c...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

TPAC - Taipei Pefroming Arts Center


The new performing art center attempted to create a rich gathering of massive program areas. There are three theatres that share an inter...


Qingdao World Horticultural Expo Theme Pavilion

Qingdao, 2014

Following selection in the 2011 competition UNStudio’s World Horticultural Expo Theme Pavilion in Qingdao has been realised. ...

Studio Georges Hung

Poly Cultural Centre

Shenzhen, 2009

The design of the Poly Cultural Centre is a response to the ambition of the China Poly Group and the district of Nansan in Shenzhen to cr...

Studio Gang

Taipei Pop Music Center

Taipei, 2010

The Twenty-first Century is an age of electronic connectivity that radically expands pop music's audience, but simultaneously threate...

LYCS Architecture

Hangzhou Spruce Art Center

Hangzhou, 2011

The project site is within the Hangzhou West Lake UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hangzhou, China. The design retains the existing structur...


underSTREET Parking Tower

Hong Kong, 2011

The point of departure for this alternative parking tower is to understand parking not merely as infrastructural facility, but as an oppo...


Xuhui Performance Wave

Shanghai, 2011

Spark’s competition entry for the design of a new performance venue along the Huangpu River in Shanghai was inspired by the ships t...


10 DESIGN | China-Taiwan Cross Strait Forum &…

Pingtan, 2011

Pingtan is planned as a new commercial hub to drive communication and commercial trade between China and Taiwan. Part of the competition ...


Tapei Pop

Tapei, 2009

To encourage the development of popular music, patronage of the performing arts, talent development, and the integration of culture with ...


Hangzhou Yunhe

Hangzhou, 2011

The client's ambition is to establish a new CBD in Gongfu district, north of Hangzhou. In response, Spark created a groundbreaking re...

Scenic Architecture

Zhujiajiao Museum of Humanities & Arts

Shanghai, 2010

Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town located in the Qingpu district of Shanghai. The roots of the town date back 1.700 years. Numerous bri...

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