Wang Weijen Architecture

Swimming Hall of Dongguan Taiwanese…

Dongguan, 2009

The design challenges the conventional design for sport facilities-usually of long-span and large volume, competition oriented, and inten...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Community College, Lingnan University

Tuen Mun, 2009

This project is one of a series of design researches that the architect had been working on: how to re-invent the traditional courtyard t...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Bai Sha Wan Beach and Visitor Centre

Taipei, 2007

The design of Bai Sha Wan Beach and Visitor Centre responses to the strong wind and sand in winter and the intense sunlight in summer. Th...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Fumin Primary School

Taichung, 2002

This design re-evaluates the meaning of daily-life objects: fishpond, sand pit, slide, pavilion, particularly every tree of large and sma...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Guanglong Primary School

Taichung, 2002

For a school that has nearly two thousand students and 50 classes, the challenge is how to make spaces of appropriate scale for children ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Chongkeng Primary School

Taichung, 2001

A school started with a man under a tree-- the metaphor from Louis Kahn enlightened this architect to approach the design of this project...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Music School, Tainan National University of Art

Tainan, 2008

Inspired by the graphical representation of Bela Bartok’s composition for strings percussion and Celeste, this design testing the new pos...

a•g Licht

Guangxi Culture & Art Center

Guangxi, 2018


Qingdao Linghai Spa Hotel

Qingdao, 2015

The project strengthened the trend ofexperience-oriented fivestars hotel design. The design of Qingdao Linghai Spa Hotel mainly focused o...


Wharf Ecological Tourism Floor Area at Delta of…

Dongying, 2010

The gesture of architectural intervention to nature is the core discourse of design. The architecture seeks to avoid destroying the natur...


Sichuan International Tennis Center

Chengdu, 2011

The original environment of the countryside in Western Sichuan, where the site locates, had been drawing attention with its valuable ecos...

WAU Design


Shaoxing, 2018


WAU Design


Shaoxing, 2018

项目位于浙江绍兴市柯桥中纺城CBD的河边广场,功能为推广柯桥纺织产业升级而设立的展厅,及配套的咖啡。 概念受到传统纺织工艺的启发,布料采用单一材料通过编织手法的变换达到丰富的视觉效果。我们希望建筑从最小的结构单元出发,通过组合变换使得结构与空间、功能、场地达到最大契合度。 ...

WAU Design


Shanxi, 2016

位于山西兴县新区的120师学校教学楼近期投入使用,其由72班9年一贯课室,行政办公,图书馆,礼堂,图艺体等专业课室组成。 随着城市化进程加快,县级生源及教育资源集中流向城市为当前普遍现象,当地政府希望通过改善教学环境以保证人才培养计划。雄心勃勃的项目以革命时期的一支部队命...

People's Architecture Office

Mrs. Fan’s Plugin House

Beijing, 2013

Mrs. Fan is from a traditional Chinese family. Newlyweds like her are expected to purchase a car and move into a new house in the suburbs...

People's Architecture Office

River Heights Residences

Taiyuan, 2016

In a context of emptiness, 10,000 people are housed in 600,000sqm of residential development. The River Heights Residences, approaching t...

Interval Architects

Boutique Hotel in Tengchong

Tengchong, 2017

This is a boutique hotel located in Tengchong, Yunnan province, located on the edge of Tengchong County, nestled among hills, at the corn...


Hangzhou Citizen Center

Hangzhou, 2015

The projectstoodout among 69 international programs and was implemented. Hangzhou Citizen Center is a mega block structure composed of si...

LUO studio


Puyang, 2018

基于常规木材和技术的普用空间营造——珑府生活体验中心 1,功能与空间的剥离 地产营销中心在完成销售后,多数时候会被拆除,使用时间长则几年,短则数月,是一种非常“短命”的建筑类型;少数时候保留下来也将被完全更改使用性质,它的内部空间一般装修繁复,在功能改造过程中也会带来极大...


ETU School

Beijing, 2018

In just five months, Crossboundaries transformed a small, gray, three-story industrial building into an innovative primary school using s...



成都, 2019

云镜花园火锅坐落于一个优渥的生态环境中,这里离自然很近,离喧嚣很远,还未落座,思绪就已经飘到了大自然。建筑沿湖成形,自然而优雅地环抱荷塘,如同火锅升腾的雾气缭绕在林间。 在保证舒适就餐环境的前提下,对自然环境进行了最小程度的人工干预——省略墙体语言,仅用柱与板轻盈地匿于林间...

New Office Works

M+ Museum at Art Basel

Hong Kong, 2019

Our booth design for the M+ Museum at Art Basel Hong Kong transforms visitors into exhibition objects. The theme for this year’s booth wa...

New Office Works

Growing Up

Hong Kong, 2019

Growing Up is a pavilion located in the West Kowloon Cultural District. It is the winning entry of the inaugural Hong Kong Young Architec...


M50 艺术酒店

邛崃, 2019

M50艺术酒店项目位于四川邛崃平乐,平乐古镇规划定位为音乐小镇,因此本项目的起点就围绕着“音乐”展开。慕达建筑MUDA-Architects在本次项目设计中,力求挖掘并激活当地文化基因,着手打造一座既能传承历史文脉,又兼具前瞻性,能够对话未来的标志性建筑。 MUDA希望在设...




MUDA慕达建筑设计的兴隆湖书店选址于成都天府新区兴隆湖湾区东侧,以一个12m x 39m的矩形为平面基础,屋顶最低点3m,建筑一角抬高16m,另一角抬高7.5m,形成了具有精神象征意义的屋顶。曲面与湖面,构成恰到好处的呼应。湖面上绵延的水波,被风一吹,就成了轻盈的屋面。 ...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Free Balcony An

Beijing, 2018

Designed by Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) for a couple, Free Balcony An is an interior design that transforms a typical two-bedroom a...

Ida&Billy Architects

Live Nature


Leisure & Work, Nature & Manmade, Rural & Urban, juxtapose to form the unique characters of Hong Kong. This pavilion attem...

Ida&Billy Architects

TaiKoo Hui (GZ) Premium Washroom


We wish to create an experience of outdoor alleys and plaza – a reminiscence to European elegance and fineness – to this premium washroom...

Ida&Billy Architects

Bridged House


The Bridged-House design links two existing houses of different ages and styles as one, spatially, aesthetically and spiritually, while k...

Zhang Hua Architecture

Liuzhou Suiseki hall

Liuzhou, 2012

Liuzhou city in Guangxi province is a beautiful ancient town. Liujiang River washed out a island of dozens of square kilometers which sha...

Zhang Hua Architecture

Yu Qingcheng Gallery

Tianjin, 2016

Yu Qingcheng is a world famous original clay sculpture artist who is renowned in China and oversea, the unique style strike out a new lin...

Drawing Architecture Studio

ORIGINALFRESH The Grand Summit Beijing

Beijing, 2018

ORIGINALFRESH The Grand Summit Beijing is a juice shop. The site is featured with a wide façade and shallow depth, which inspired DAS to ...

Drawing Architecture Studio

798 Panoramic Mural

Beijing, 2017

Around 14.5 meters in width and 12.7 meters in height, the mural takes the 798 Art Zone as the representative to depict the status of tod...








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