Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Jishou Art Museum

Jishou, 2019

A Social Cause The city of Jishou, where the Jishou Art Museum is located, is the regional capital of Xiangxi (western Hunan), a minorit...

Praxis d'Architecture

TIAN YUN Office Complex

Beijing, 2018

This industrial real estate development targets at private small and mid-sized research and technological enterprises to provide them wit...

Bengo Studio

Renovation of Xiafu Village Farmers’ Market

Shaoxing, 2018

Introduction: The project is located in Xiafu Village, Diankou. The original market was first built by the local government in 2003, cove...

Bengo Studio

Street -wall Gallery on Yuyuan Road

Shanghai, 2017

Yuyuan Road is one of the most historic streets in downtown Shanghai. The Street-Wall Gallery on Yuyuan Road is an art gallery designed f...

Bengo Studio

Qiyunshan Tree House

Xiuning, 2016

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House is located in the region of Xiuning County which is 33 kilometres south of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. ...

Ferrier Marchetti Studio


Shanghai, 2019


Wu residence

Hengdian, 2017

Atelier RIGHT HUB initiated the project by questioning the fundamentals of the “house” typology itself, asking themselves: How can we fre...

Office ZHU

TC Apartment


The TC apartment by office ZHU, is a renovation project of an existing double stories residence in Taicang, Jiangsu. Office ZHU’s design ...

Office ZHU


Shanghai, 2016

Cycling against traffic, mixed traffic, lack of bicycle parking space, bicycle lanes being occupied... These problems can be attributed ...


两塘书院 暨金石博物馆

韶关, 2017

莞韶城位于韶关老城区的西南侧,以低冲击开发理念,保育原有的水库、鱼塘、山林、溪流、湿地等自然生态元素,建立韶关创新驱动平台。两塘书院是莞韶城“双塘印雪”文化景观重要组成部分。 项目位于广东省韶关市西郊天子岭山脚下。项目用地坐拥一片带状水域,背...


The Known

Shenzhen, Pingshan District, 2019

THE KNOWN – a prefab installation to derivate an UNKNOWN CITY CROSSBOUNDARIES attends the exhibition of Pingshan District Art Museum in S...


Jiangsu Beisha Kindergarten

Beisha, 2018

On the initiative of the local government facing shortage of preschool education in rural area, Crossboundaries was commissioned in 2015 ...


Open Road Center for Campground

Shanghai, 2018

The building sits in a Recreational Vehicle campground at the north of the Shanghai Auto Expo Park. Since 1936 when the first Airstream “...


Soft Matter

Shanghai, 2017

The pavilion is built for 2017 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season as part of an outdoor extension of the Lin Gang exhibition. Nowadays, nat...


Lostvilla Boutique Hotel in Yucun

Huzhou, 2017

Located at the southwest corner of a previously state-owned silkworm farm in Yucun, Moganshan, Zhejiang Province, the project is connecte...

Office ZHU

5 cities

Shanghai, 2016

“5 CITIES” is an exhibition curated by Junyi Wu and Zhuoer Wang, the exhibition was held in Qian Xuesen Library in Shanghai. The design ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Reconstruction and conservation of historial…

Songyang County, 2017

Starting from the reconstruction of Village-Hall as catalyst, the design kick-off a series of projects restoring and reactivating public ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Reconstruction of Courtyard Houses of Pingtian…

Songyang County, 2017

Hotel as Village Pingtian is a typical mountain village of Songyang with houses array along the contour facing the valley. Surrounded by ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Dormitory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong…

Shenzhen, 2017

The dormitory of Shenzhen Campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong breaks the tradition of lift lobby and double loaded corridor in ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Student Center, The Chinese University of Hong…

Shenzhen, 2017

The student center of Shenzhen Campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong inherited the vertical yard and the horizontal corridors from tr...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Library, Chinese University of Hong Kong…

Shenzhen, 2017

The design of library of Shenzhen Campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong breaks the six-floor large volume into two three-floor C ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Campus Planning of Chinese University of Hong…

Shenzhen, 2016

The Campus Planning for the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen brings together architectural typology of courtyard with the land...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Exhibition Pavilion of Tsun Yip Street…

Kowloon, 2014

Exhibition Pavilions of Tsun Yip Street Park is an important urban node for public spaces illustrating industrial history of East Kowloon...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Site N, Xixi Wetland Art Village

Hangzhou, 2011

The site sits on three narrow strips of land opens to water views both in their front and back, provoking our senses toward mountain, wat...

Wang Weijen Architecture

New Choi Yuen Village Eco-House Design

Choi Yuen Village, 2011

The design of Choi Yuan Village is a community re-habitation project in the New Territory of Hong Kong. Started as a protest against vill...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Community College, Hong Kong Polytechnic…

Hung Hom, 2009

As the new campus for the Hong Kong community college, this 20 stories-high urban campus located near the KCRC railway terminal at Hung H...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Swimming Hall of Dongguan Taiwanese…

Dongguan, 2009

The design challenges the conventional design for sport facilities-usually of long-span and large volume, competition oriented, and inten...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Community College, Lingnan University

Tuen Mun, 2009

This project is one of a series of design researches that the architect had been working on: how to re-invent the traditional courtyard t...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Bai Sha Wan Beach and Visitor Centre

Taipei, 2007

The design of Bai Sha Wan Beach and Visitor Centre responses to the strong wind and sand in winter and the intense sunlight in summer. Th...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Fumin Primary School

Taichung, 2002

This design re-evaluates the meaning of daily-life objects: fishpond, sand pit, slide, pavilion, particularly every tree of large and sma...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Guanglong Primary School

Taichung, 2002

For a school that has nearly two thousand students and 50 classes, the challenge is how to make spaces of appropriate scale for children ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Chongkeng Primary School

Taichung, 2001

A school started with a man under a tree-- the metaphor from Louis Kahn enlightened this architect to approach the design of this project...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Music School, Tainan National University of Art

Tainan, 2008

Inspired by the graphical representation of Bela Bartok’s composition for strings percussion and Celeste, this design testing the new pos...

a•g Licht

Guangxi Culture & Art Center

Guangxi, 2018


Qingdao Linghai Spa Hotel

Qingdao, 2015

The project strengthened the trend ofexperience-oriented fivestars hotel design. The design of Qingdao Linghai Spa Hotel mainly focused o...

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