Taoyuan Station

Taouyuan, 2033

In the northwest of Taiwan lies Taoyuan City, a large metropolitan area that hosts the country's largest airport, serving as the main gat...


Tenth Garden: Huayan Road No.7

Tianqiao, 2023

Public space in hutong This project is located in the historical and cultural district of the new urban area of Xiangchang in Beijing. Th...

Serge Ferrari Group

Membranüberdachung für Taikang Seniorenresidenz

Bejing, 2023

KREATIVE LEICHTBAUARCHITEKTUR FÜR BEJING Die Taikang Residenz ist ein weitläufiges Seniorenzentrum, das sich durch eine Hochhausschlucht...

10 Design

Hangzhou Chengbei MixC by 10 Design – An urban…

Hangzhou, 2024

10 Design, (part of Egis’ Architecture Line), unveils CR Land’s Hangzhou Chengbei MixC – a new commercial landmark set to redefine the ci...

Beta Realities UG

Cuizhai Energy Park


Hydrogen - A storage of endless energy and always in motion - An energetic flow of fusion, electrolysis and synthesis. Beta Realities pla...


ZGC International Innovation Center

Beijing, 2024

The ZGC Forum is an international conference focused on innovation and technology held annually in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing's Hai...

SAKO Architects


Tianjin, 2012

The elementary school consists of eight volumes that house the regular and special classrooms. These volumes are divided into four levels...

United Practice Architects | UPA

Auxiliary Buildings of Liangzi Lake Changling…

Ezhou City, 2023

Changling Ferry is located on the east coast of Liangzi Lake in Ezhou City, Hubei Province. It is the main tourist distribution center le...



Shenzhen, 2024

Die moderne Dienstleistungszone Qianhai in der südchinesischen Metropole Shenzhen ist seit 2010 im Entstehen. schneider+schumacher hat be...


Shenfang Park

Shenzhen, 2024

Zwischen Shenzhen und Hongkong entsteht eine Kooperationszone für Innovation in Wissenschaft und Technologie. Als eines der ersten Bauwer...


Qianhai Telecommunication Center

Shenzhen , 2024

Das Qianhai Telecommunication Center in Shenzhen wird das erste Hochhaus-Rechenzentrum der Welt. Während es gängige Praxis ist, Büros und...

Parallect Design


苏州, 2024

震泽镇隶属于苏州市吴江区,北濒太湖,东靠麻漾。土地水网交错,村庄众多,村落多依水而建,呈聚落分布,是典型的江南水乡风貌。 2021年,吴江区开展农村人居环境整治提升——“五美三优”行动,建设“美丽庭院”、“美丽菜园”、“美丽村景”、“美丽村道”、“美丽田园”,优化提升生活...

HGEsch Photography

Changzhou Culture Plaza

Changzhou, 2023


Eyaskids Pro

Wuhan, 2023

To create a successful art kindergarten – a place where children can learn about and interact with the creative mediums – the kindergarte...

Parallect Design


常州, 2024


Iwan Baan Photography

Zaishui Art Museum

Rizhao, 2023

Zaishui Art Museum, Rizhao, China – junya ishigami + associates

TOMO Design

Neighborhood Center of Nanxing Future Community

Hangzhou, 2023

Eliel Saarinen observed that the built environment of a city reflects the cultural pursuits of its citizens. About city culture and neig...

Office ZHU

Garden Island

Shenzhen, 2023

Commissioned by socks brand, Senpop, Office ZHU has completed a retail design, Garden Island, in Shenzhen Yifangcheng Shopping mall. The...

TOMO Design

Huanglong International Center Phase IV

Hangzhou, 2023

Project Name: Huanglong International Center Phase IV, Hangzhou Clients: Hangzhou Vanke, Canhigh Location: Hangzhou, China Area: About 1,...

SAKO Architects


Beijing, 2009

Interior design for a Szechuan restaurant occupying one floor of a high-rise building, consisting of 10 closed "private rooms" and 23 gen...

SAKO Architects


Beijing, 2008

“MOSAIC in Beijing" is a mixed-use development consisting of a residential complex and a shopping mall in an economic development zone in...

SAKO Architects

Cube Tube

Jinhua, 2009

‘CUBE TUBE’ consists of an office building and a restaurant building in the new Economic Development Zone in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. A...

SAKO Architects


Beijing, 2012

This winery is located on a small island in the center of a vast vineyard. There is a restaurant and clubhouse on the ground and a wine c...

SAKO Architects


Tianshui, 2023

This is a complex facility for a library and day service for the elderly built in a small rural town. Since the site faces a residential...

SAKO Architects


Shanghai, 2022

This 10-story twin tower on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai is a clear-cut center-core office building. The cantilevered struc...

SAKO Architects


Tianshui, 2020

Kaleidoscope in Tianshui is a kindergarten located in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, China. The first fascinating feature is using ten di...

SAKO Architects


Jinan, 2020

The 29-story office building with a maximum height of 126 m is located in the development zone around the new high-speed railroad station...


Beijing City Library

Tongzhou District, Beijing, 2023

Snøhetta’s Beijing City Library has opened doors for visitors as the world's largest climatized reading space. It is the firm’s latest in...


NIO House

Shanghai, 2023

A new exclusive experience for NIO users traveling around the world – The core appeal of electric vehicle manufacturer NIO lies in its pr...

Parallect Design


苏州, 2023

项目背景: 苏州盛泽的丝绸生产与贸易源远流长,植桑、养蚕、缫丝、织绸的历史可追朔到公元前。从盛唐贡品到明清“盛绸”,盛泽生产的丝绸早已蜚声华夏。解放后,盛泽丝绸从传统手工生产逐步发展到工业化生产,创建于1969年的坛丘缫丝厂就是盛泽早期蚕丝工业化的标志之一。随着技术进步和社...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Zijing International Conference Camp

Jingdezhen, 2022

Zijing International Conference Camp is located in the mountains and ravines on the west side of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. The site was origin...


Organic renewal of Tianqiao tenement courtyards

tianqiao, 2023

Urban context The Tianqiao Bungalow Zone is located in Beijing’s historical city preservation district, and is adjacent to the central ax...

10 Design

Indoor Ski Centre in Guandong


10 Design Creates World’s Largest Indoor Ski Centre – International Architecture Firm Behind Huafa Snow World Offers First Look at how Up...

Greater Dog Architects

「BRLOOTE Headquarters」Multi Utilization of…

Shaoxing City, 2024

“The architecture we are trying to create is integrated with the environment, featuring sharp forms that emerge within the existing cont...

Atelier Right Hub

Alaker SPA House

Xi'an, 2023

Wellness-oriented spaces have become more than just places for pampering and relaxing during the global pandemic. The value of feeling sa...

UP Architecture | UPA

Suizhou Baimei Station

Suizhou, 2023

Located in Luoyang Town, Zengdu District, Suizhou City, the Millennium Ginkgo Valley is one of the most densely distributed, largest and ...

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