Botanic Research Centre

Interval Architects
Oscar Ko, Gu Yunduan

The project is located at the edge of Hengshui Botanic Park in Hebei Province, China. The design aimed at creating a research and work environment that is public, open and would enhance people's efficiency and level of comfort.

Central to the concept is the composition of private volumes in relation to the public functions. Six volumes, which consists of restaurants, labs, offices and libraries, are connected by a linear space that function more than just a corridor, but instead a public place for people to relax, communicate and exchange ideas. The elongated form of this public space are inserted with several courtyards that allows more natural light in. These gardens also create a moment for people to look out and enhance the psychological comfort of the space, which eventually generate better environment that facilitates dialogues and experience. In terms of site specificity, this linear public space forms a continuous volume and facade parallel to the main road. It defines the entrance square and emphasizes the boundary condition of the site and the sense of frontality of the architecture. Contrast to the linearity of the public volume, the private volumes at the back on the other hand are more scattered and stretch eastward to frame views towards the lake and natural scenery.

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