Wuyuan Hotel and Resorts

Zephyr Architects

This site is located on a peninsula in Wuyuan – one of the most scenic country sides of China. Two outlooks are taken into consideration: harmony and coherency with the natural surroundings and geography while also enriching the experience of those who employ the premises.  The master plan uses the layout of local ancient villages as reference.  It puts emphasis on people-oriented arrangements; importance is particularly given to peoples’ exercise and walking experience. The clusters are organized based on the open space nodes principle; the pedestrian-friendly winding paths, streets and plazas provide opportunities for people to meet and enjoy the scenery.

Status: Under Construction

Client: Wuyuan Yihe Development

Building Area: 22,000 sq.m.

Partner-in-Charge: Yang Ching-Chyi

Principal-in-Charge: Zhong Mingzheng

Project Team: Yang Ching-Chyi, Zhong Mingzheng, Jiao Jianfang, Zhou Yifan, Sun Yuan, Alev Selcuk

Design Period: 2009-2011

Construction Period: 2010-2012

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