Zijin New Harbor Technology Community A2 Plots

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南京红枫科技园, Nanjing

Located at the eastern part of Plot A, Block A2 with the other three building blocks form into the shape of three fingers – the urban design concept. The block at south screening the high-speed railway, the three ‘fingers’ extend into the central landscape zone at north.
The outdoor space of Block A1 and A2 is connected at the first level, creating a central hotspot for Plot A. A sunken courtyard is placed in the semi-enclosed site to provide lighting and ventilation for the garage, and also the opportunity to connect it with the site.
The northern ‘finger’ twists towards the central landscape while the large glass curtain wall provides a great view for the lounge and lobby. The façade of Block A2 is designed in unit with a bevel making the percentage of grey and red color changing from different views. It reminds us with the feeling of red maple leaves flapping with wind driven by high speed train.

CLIENT:Nanjing Zijin (New Harbor) Technology Entrepreneurship Special Community Construction Development Co., LTD
LOCATION: Red Maple Technology Community, Nanjing
TYPE:Research and Industrial Factories
SIZE: 51,740m2
DESIGN-BUILT: 2012-2015

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