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Qian Jiang Century City Office building

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GCA ARCHITECTS won the competition promoted by the Chinese Company OUTLOOK. The project is located in Hangzhou, about 150 km. southwest of Shanghai.

The building had to answer to the orientation of the plot and the fact that the north side faces a green area of great interest in the city. The initial intention was that the offices should benefit from south facing views of the park getting a special atmosphere and a comfortable environment in the workplace. The way to achieve that goal was to define a narrow building, following the direction of the plot, so that the work space inside benefits of both, light and views, creating a very unusual space, reducing at least the most anodyne interior spaces to locate jobs.

For this we propose to divide the building into two halves and slide longitudinally relative to one another, to generate an extension of the volume of the building in the lower part thereof where not only solve the need to increase surface area on the lower levels, but generates a large atrium that functions as a general lobby from where you can access the office floors or independent uses of the lower floors, reaching the final draft of a building 153 meters high, in a total of 38 plants.

The plot area is approximately 70,000 m2, are divided into a below ground level 50,000 m2 and 20,000 m2 above ground level.

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