House in the Sky

Hong Kong
Chang Bene Design

A conventional flat was transformed into a loft-like space that incorporates living and working, with a new pavilion on the roof set in a Japanese-inspired garden. The pavilion was designed as 3 wooden cubes, or 3 spaces (live, work, dine). The grounds were laid out in patches of color pebbles: white pebbles for a walking path, terra cotta for stepping stones, and grey for ‘islands’ around the path. Here and there are strips of grassy mounds that one can walk on. The flat’s interior is defined by a long curved wall is part fabric, part glass, and which intersects a large translucent door that conceals a guest room behind. The door is faced in a hexagonal steel mesh embedded in acrylic, and the door’s path is traced on the floor in an arc of stainless steel.

Photos: Chang Bene Design Ltd

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