Yaluntzangpu River Terminal


The small boat terminal is located near the small village named Pai Town in the Linzhi area of Tibet Autonomous Region. As the remotest stop along the Yaluntzangpu River, it allows both local people and travelers from outside to transport by water deep into the valley and come to the foot of the Namchabawa Snow Mountain.

With a total area of only 430 square meters, the building program is quite basic. It has a few toilets, a waiting lounge, a ticket office and a room for people to stay overnight in case the weather goes too fierce to travel on the river. The programs are covered by a series of ramps rising from the water and winding around several big poplar tree, and ends up suspending over the water. Looking from a distance, the building is completely merged with the riverbank topography and becomes part of the greater landscape.

Construction materials are mainly local. All the walls and roofs are made of rocks collected from nearby. Walls are built by Tibetan masonry builders in their own pattern. Window and door frames, ceilings and floors are all made of local timber.


Public Boat Terminal

Design period


Construction period


Site area

1000 sqm

Building area

430 sqm

Design Team

Hou Zhenghua

Zhang Ke

Zheng Hong

Claudia Taborda

Dong Lina

Sun Wei

Collaborate Design Institution

China Academy of Building Research Architectural Design Institute & Tibet Youdao Architecture Associates

Structural System

Mixed - Stone Masonry / Concrete Frame and Steel

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