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Salle polyvalente à Le Vaud


Dingshi Logistics Office Building — A compound…

Tangshan, 2019

Dingshi Logistics Office Building — A compound features courtyards filled with light and shadows The project is an office building of a ...

LUO studio



置入式可变办公空间9.639 缘起 生活在“空间”相对昂贵的北京,一直在研究如何将多种功能集成合并,实现空间利用率最大化。曾为小住房做过一个集储物、沙发、电脑桌于一体的大家具,也专门为建筑师定制过功能集合的可变工作台。 将这个理念延用到办公空间,是偶然也是必然。客户是图文...

Archi-Union Architects

J-Office 军工路办公室改造

Shanghai 上海, 2010

当我们面对废弃的第五化纤厂厂区中一栋三跨建于上个世纪 60 年代的老厂房,并力图将其改造为创意产业办公空间时,寻找一种朴素的建造美学及一种真实而简单的建造过程成为我们的出发点。质朴的后工业景观和内在的朝气勃勃的涌动,是我们对基地的感受。艺术创业者热衷于工业遗产中鳞次栉比的北...

beyondtime architects

Service Center of Peony Performance Park

Fuzhou, 2019

This design takes the historical script of Peony Pavilion drama as the background, meanwhile, considers the director’s demand for drama a...

hcreates interior design

Tourism New Zealand

Shanghai, 2019

Tourism New Zealand has opened its new light-filled space in Wheellock Square, Shanghai

hcreates interior design

New Zealand Central

shanghai, 2018

The Client wanted to design a space which delivered an authentic experience, that showcased New Zealand. The space needed to be function...

hcreates interior design


Shanghai, 2019

Zespri has relaunched and expanded its China headquarters in Shanghai. They took the opportunity to create a new aesthetic for the whole...


Campus Office, Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, 2021

The Campus Office is a two storey transparent building that engages within the field on the peripheral of the financial center of Shenzhe...

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Terraced-City: Plot A3, Vanke Design Commune,…

Shenzhen, 2017

Project description Building Area: 3200sqm Design Period: 2014—2017 Category: Experimental The design of Plot A3 should, first of all,...

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Table-Landscape: Plot B4, Vanke Design Commune,…

Shenzhen, 2017

Project description Building Area: 4792sqm Design Period: 2014—2017 Category: Experimental This is a semi-propositional experimental u...

SYN Architects

Mafengwo Office Space Design – Second Stage

北京, 2018

Mafengwo Office Space Design – Second Stage: An embrace between the Internet and human nature The present design was completed as an ur...

SYN Architects

Mafengwo Global Headquarters (Phase I)

北京, 2016

Mafengwo Global Headquarters (Phase I), Beijing, China Designed by SYN Architects Fusion of Order and Freedom Keywords: Honeycomb Stru...


Futian Civic Culture Center

Shenzhen, 2018

Status: Design Project Design: 2018 Address: Qiaoxiang 4th Rd Futian Qu, Shenzhen, China Client: Public Culture and Sports Development ...

Interval Architects

Stack Tower

Xiamen, 2011

Stack Tower is a design of office building based in Xiamen. Because the shape is like a box staggered stacking, so named Stack Tower. St...

Interval Architects

Studio in li-nong

Shanghai, 2017

The project Studio in Li-nong is Interval Architects’ new workspace located in a well-preserved historic residential neighborhood in Hong...

Interval Architects

Botanic Research Centre

hengshui, 2017

Consisting of six independent offices and a banded public space with offices in series, the Botanic Research Centre is located at the edg...

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Shede Visitors Center

Tuopai, 2019

Location + Site The project is in a company town named Tuopai Zhen in Sichuan where the distillery of Shede, an old liquor brand in China...

Praxis d'Architecture

TIAN YUN Office Complex

Beijing, 2018

This industrial real estate development targets at private small and mid-sized research and technological enterprises to provide them wit...

Ferrier Marchetti Studio


Shanghai, 2019


Hangzhou Citizen Center

Hangzhou, 2015

The projectstoodout among 69 international programs and was implemented. Hangzhou Citizen Center is a mega block structure composed of si...


Nanchang Shimao Water City Cloud Office Center

Nangchang, 2017

Context of the City Honggutan New District is a newborn city area of Nanchang on the west bank of the Ganjiang River. Like all the other...


Hengli International Headquarters

Shenzhen, 2018

Ranked as one of the cities with the most skyscrapers, Shenzhen is the epitome of a contemporary megalopolis. In this dense urban context...


Midwest Inland Port Financial Town

Xi’an, 2015

Maike Metals Group (Maike) is one of China’s biggest non-ferrous metal suppliers and traders with the largest trading volume of copper ca...


Mahjong School Philanthropists: A Father to son…

Hong Kong, 2017

Dear friends, I wish to share with you a story of one of our clients, Jeffrey Kwok and his father, who are both philanthropists from Hon...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Shenyao Art Centre Phase II

shanghai, 2017

The old factory is transformed into an art center for ceramic art works.The strategy is to add new functional space into the original lar...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Wuyuan Rd. Studio Renovation

Shanghai, 2014

Located in a 1990’s two-story building within the typical Shanghai li-nong (alley) neighborhood, the original architecture combined the m...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Shanghai International Automobile City…

Shanghai, 2016

Commission for a 47,100 sq.m mixed-use commercial and R&D complex with three office / hotel towers and four blocks of clubhouse, dini...


Futown Warehouse Office

Shanghai, 2014

This is a conversion of a former motorcycle factory warehouse in Shanghai into an office space for 200 people. The original 1980s warehou...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

Shenzhen Energy Mansion

Shenzhen, 2018

The 96,000m2 office development for the state-owned Shenzhen Energy Company is designed to look and feel at home in the cultural, politic...


WeWork Weihai Lu, China Flagship Location

Shanghai, 2016

WeWork Weihai Lu is nestled in a turn of the century brick building; a former opium factory and artist residence. This building is surrou...

Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd

HKSAR Government Headquarters

Hong Kong, 2011

The central theme of “Door Always Open” is a driving philosophy for the design of the HKSAR Government Headquarters. The Project is conce...

behet bondzio lin architekten GmbH & Co. KG

Umbau Büro- und Forschungsgebäude U-MKT

Taipei, 2016

Ronald Lu & Partners

3802 (Ronald Lu Interior Design)

Wanchai, 2017

As part of Ronald Lu & Partners’ efforts to re-focus our internal workspace, the interior design studio recently moved from a shared ...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Shanghai Xujiahui Centre

Shanghai, 2018

Xujiahui Centre is one of the most prestigious projects Shanghai has seen in recent times. It is a comprehensive development with a total...

株式会社 ワークテクト


香港, 2017



Chaoyang Park Plaza

Beijing, 2017

MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has completed “Chaoyang Park Plaza”, which includes the Armani apartment complex. Positioned on the so...

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