No Man's Walk

Established in 2013 by Li Han and Hu Yan in Beijing, Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) is committed to the practice of architectural drawing, architectural design, and urban studies.

DAS explores the possibilities of drawing, space and urban studies in a unique way. They use engineering drawing software as a tool and derive inspiration from architecture, art, popular culture, and daily life to create magnificent and complex images for urban landscape. At the same time, they consider infinite vector images as building materials, explore the multiple paths to bringing virtual images back to the material world, and break the boundary between image and space. DAS understands urban studies as an experience and narrative with open forms, and conducts experiments through various media such as architectural models, art installations, comics, and books.

DAS’ works have been acquired by Museum of Modern Art in New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, Macao Museum of Art, Pingshan Art Museum in Shenzhen, and Wind H Art Center in Beijing for their collections.

Li Han, founding partner, is National Class 1 Registered Architect in China and graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts and RMIT University. Hu Yan, founding partner, graduated from Concordia University. Zhang Xintong, partner, graduated from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

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