Photo © Henrik Schipper
Photo © Henrik Schipper
Photo © Henrik Schipper

Räumliches Bildungszentrum

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Biberach, Germany

Featuring the classic switch LS 990 in white as well as KNX sensors.

Architecture goes back to school
Architecture, our built environment, defines spatial structures and influences people, directly and indirectly. Architecture is not just received or discussed as art, it is used every day. As a functional object it should not just record it’s’ users needs, it should respond to them. The new Räumliches Bildungszentrum in Biberach school building succeeds in doing this. The Bildungszentrum Biberach incorporates a secondary school (Realschule) and an all-day school centre. Its exterior renders it highly visible from a distance. The facade features bright shimmering orange and green shades, colours that change with the observer’s position, giving an impression of plasticity. The arrangement of windows, parapets and sunblind elements at various levels intensifies this impression, giving the building its “lively” look. In contrast to its coloured facade, the focus inside the building is on materials and their particular properties and structures. Concrete, asphalt, steel and wood embody genuine authenticity. The JUNG electronic installation in the classic LS 990 switch design in white underscores this concept. The select, high-quality materials reflect the esteem in which students and teachers are held, as does the decision to install an intelligent JUNG KNX technical system. Like the architecture, it responds to its users’ individual needs. Classrooms are arranged around a four-storey hall, with organically curving galleries offering extra group learning areas. This clever arrangement enables educators to work with current educational concepts. Glass sawtooth roofs provide plenty of light. The secondary school and all-day school are connected internally. The Mensa and auditorium are on the ground floor of the all-day school, the media centre is on the first floor and the music rehearsal rooms on the second floor. In contrast to the school building, the facade of the sports hall, around 4000 m² in size, has a more restrained design. Recesses in its entry and gallery areas let in plenty of daylight. The new Bildungszentrum building is a pioneering structure. It’s a rare school complex that responds so directly and consistently to its users’ needs.

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