La Roche house

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The goal, here, is to sublimate qualities and the feelings already present on the spot. The large gate is the basic element which generates the entire project: its symmetrical is deferred on the northern frontage generating a crossing tube of light. The limit between outside and interior disappears, operating the fusion of nature and built. The space of the ground thus illuminated contrast with the higher level which rather seeks the introversion and the shade to him. Two worlds cohabit, consequently how to consider their connection? It is the deformation of the higher floor which, conceptually, comes to find the ground and operates this transition.

Project Name: La Roche house

Location: Rochebaudin, France

Francis Jacquier, Marlene Leroux

Project Team: Francis Jacquier, Marlene Leroux

Building Area: 250 m2

Design Period: 2007

Construction Period: 2007 - 2008


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