UFIDA Software R+ D Center

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UFIDA, 2004

UF Soft R&D Center consists of three inter-connected buildings. Two courtyards arise in between the buildings, which create more touch of nature within the architecture buildings.

The project focuses on the whole concept of the office, which embraces working, resting and communication functions. Instead of adoption the traditional office design, such as the design of corridors, which require its users to commute before the communication can take place, we design this office so that its structure supports communication and commutation to happen spontaneously. Corresponding to different team working styles at the client’s three project development phases, three layout structures are designed to allow for the necessary flexibility and independence amongst the office users. Each layout structure occupies a separate floor in each office building, though in different way.

Three elevation patterns are deployed to reflect these layout structures, which are, inner glazing with wooden blinds, concrete segments with size of 190_390 accompanied by square windows, concrete segments with size of 90_390 accompanied by band windows.

Office: Atelier FCJZ

Principal Architect: Yung Ho CHANG

Project Architects: JIA lianna, LIU Yang

Project Team: CHEN Long, BAI Chen, HAO Shuang, ZANG Feng, YANG Jing

Design Period: November 2004 –

Stage: In Construction

Building Area: 15346.64 m2

Total floor Area: 46121.81m2

Clients: UFSOFT CO., LTD

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