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Superimpose Architecture is a creativity driven studio. Our focus lies on applying problem solving tactics to visible or invisible complexities of the physical world resulting in strategic, well-balanced and bold design solutions. Our practice has grown sustainably into a boutique size firm with 15 employees since early 2016. The most recent realized projects such as Micr-O, the Re-veil Changzhi Exhibition Center and Beijing WELL Living Lab are proven examples of our design methodology and of successful collaborations with a diverse range of clients.

Our design scope covers architecture, urban planning, interior and installation design. Superimpose Architecture is a registered entity in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

Superimpose: ‘To place one thing over another as an addition, in such a way that all layers are still evident.’

‘Superimpose’ is not only our office name, it also reflects our design methodology and philosophy, collaborative attitude, team structure and knowledge sharing mentality:

1) Design methodology and philosophy:
The Superimpose team continuously envision, challenge, shape, and elevate concepts throughout each phase of all design projects to foster bold and striking visions. We strongly believe in designing with contextual awareness. Our work is based on the most valid contextual components to overlay and complete them with carefully considered architectural elements with the responsibility to improve, protect, recycle and sustain both our natural and built environments. Our design leads to enrich and celebrate the context by enforcing the value, aesthetic and identity of the place.|

2) Collaborative attitude:
We believe design is not a sole creation; we value all forms of collaboration. Besides our successful collaborations with numerous local design institutes and architecture related disciplines, we collaborate with sustainability experts, cultural experts, movie makers, projection artists, light artists, wood craftsman, furniture makers and many others. We are constantly challenging the boundaries, by acknowledging contractors’ experience, building codes and clients’ visions as a source of inspiration. Superimpose also highly values and invests in local initiatives such as the Micr-O project in Hangzhou.

3) Team structure:
Superimpose’s team is an amalgamation and formulation of thinking, design passion and diverse cultural backgrounds. We recruit talents based on diversity rather than similarity. Superimpose has a team of passionate architects, interior designers and creators from all over the world. We strongly believe the key to our practice growth and success is encouraging every individual member continuously to contribute ideas, to inspire and challenge each other.

4) Knowledge sharing mentality:
Superimpose contributes to academic and public architecture education. We have participated in lectures and design reviews at the AA Visiting School, Tsing Hua University, Dutch Embassy, Beijing Design Week, Hong Kong Green Architecture Association, the Hong Kong Chinese University, etc. Regular in-house idea-farms are initiated to stimulate exchange of perspectives and knowledge within the Superimpose team. Hide t

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