Photo © Hans Christian Schink, Punctum
Photo © Hans Christian Schink, Punctum

Parking Garage of the Leipzig Zoo

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Leipzig, Germany

With around 1.3 million visitors per year, the Leipzig zoo is one of the favorite animal parks in Germany. In order to provide the zoo’s visitors with enough parking, a competition was held in 2002 for the design of a parking garage with an attractive as well as economical design concept. In a three-day workshop, the notion of a “shell” was chosen as a central concept. The parking garage was supposed to express a unity with the adjacent zoo grounds. As a result, the designers sought with bamboo a façade material that would both make reference to the exotic world of the zoo and lend the structure a soft and haptic impression.

Zoo Leipzig GmbH

16.500 sqm

Parking spaces

1st prize, 2002

BDA Prize of Saxony, recognition, 2004

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