Yancheng – Urban Mountain

Yancheng, 2016

Sustainable comfort, prefabricated modules and a new urban mountain scape. Yancheng is one of the fastest growing tertiary cities in C...

Yancheng Vertical Forest

Yancheng, 2016

Sustainable comfort, prefabricated complex forms and a house you can’t see for the trees. Yancheng lies around 300 km northwest of Sha...

Schorndorf City Hall

Schorndorf, Germany, 2012

Originally built in 1726-30, Schorndorf Town Hall is the jewel and landmark of the town of Schorndorf. In the first stage of construction...

Hotel Häfele

Nagold, Germany, 2010

Competition 2010

Haus F

Denkendorf, Germany, 2008

The view from the L-shaped panoramic window over the 900 year old village of Denkendorf, with its abbey in the centre, attracts everyone‘...

House with courtyard

Tachkent, Uzbekistan