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Project description

Location: Guangzhou·China

Client: 时代名苑发展有限公司

Co-Architects: Rem Koolhaas, Alain Fouraux

Project Team: Jie-Bin HUANG, LIn Shao-Li

Structure and Material: Steel structure

Architectural area: 3122sqm

The museum is interwoven in a newly built 19 stories residential building block in the north of Guangzhou. By distributing the museum over several different floors of this building, a high degree of diversity is generated by an archetype that is very common in contemporary urban China.This museum is about experiencing art in production as well as art in exhibition. It holds a wide range of facilities for the production of art,such as wood and metal workshop, video editing ,equipment, graphic stations, ateliers, spray booth, casting tools and so on. Besides its facilities for production of art, the entire building is equipped with a public trajectory that offers the possibility to experience the makin g of art throughout all stages of the process and at any point interact with the artists.

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