Nansha Science Museum

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Project description

Location: Nansha·Guangzhou·ChinaArchitect: Doreen Heng LIU

Project Team: Jie-Bin HUANG

Structure and Material: concrete & Steel structure

Site area: 4000 sqm

Architectural area: 10000 sqm

Design Period: 1996 - 1998

Construction Period: 1999

The empty infill land and the pink-color neighbor - the museum is located at a site with/out context. As a response, its exterior with color white, gray and blue de-constructs the sweetness of its neighbor; a paragraph of ancient Chinese freeform calligraphy softens the massive exhibition cube, which becomes a unique context of the future neighborhood.

The idea of the interaction between architecture and other extended fields, like installation art, is explored here, as well as the relationship between a quality of dynamic space/place and program of ‘congestion', a face of a city and its ever-changing interior.

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