Renovation of Yantian Dameisha Village, House 10

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Project description

Building Area: 206sqm
Design Period: 2017.08-2017.12
Category: Cultural & Educational

The design of House 10 begins with a dialogue between the banyan and the street.

House 10, originally a frame-structure single-floor building, is renovated based on the existing conditions and topography as well as the design concept of interconnection, integration and transparency. "interconnection" -- with diagonal stairways embedded into existing building, alleys and Banyan Square are interconnected, continuing the typical feature of alleys in urban village to be accessible from all directions. "Integration" -- the original frame structure on F1 is retained as the basic building structure, from which a new F2 is added. The curved roof and skylight echo with the banyan at the shrine from a distance, reinforcing the sense of place. "Transparency" -- transparent sunlight panels reduce the massiveness of the building, while the interior and exterior building spaces mutually penetrate into each other. The light and transparent facade of the added F2 and roof constitute a sharp contrast with the massiveness of the original concrete structure.

The entire building, following a concise and lively design style, is an integration of void and solid and a mixture of new and old. It not only caters to the trendy and individualized taste of modern people, but also reflects the designer’s reflection on the civilization and conflict of urban village.

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