The PRD World Trade Center

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Project description

Location: Nansha·Guangzhou·China

Client: The PRD World Trade Center

Architect: Doreen Heng LIU

Project Team: Jie-Bin HUANG, Shao-Li LIN, Jian Lai

Structure and Material: concrete & Steel structure

Site area: 7992sqm

Architectural area: 31703sqm

Dis-orientation and anti-gravity in the upper sky are the thoughts to start the design. A garden is an idea of being horizontal with multi -angles of perspectives. When it flips up 90 degree, it becomes a vertical garden. A piece of view and green is brought in one direction horizontally, which chooses to go up with fast elevators or a slow stairwell, finally extends towards another direction in the vertigo. The stairwell with views of multiple perspectives is an experimental detour from the gravity.

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