“9 Peninsulas” master plan

Atelier 100s+1

Project Name:

"9 Peninsulas" master plan


Nanning, Guangxi

Site Area:

2.700.000 sq. meters

Design Period:

03/2005 - 09/2005

Project Description:

The site is located in circumference of Wuming town, about 30 miles north of Nanning city. It has a great natural environment, especially the Xijiang River, which goes through the whole site in a flexible way and divides it into nine peninsula-like zones. The client incipiently planed to develop it as a large villa-area to meet the need of the upper income class in Nanning.

In this situation, to avoid huge arrangements in the natural environment and the exorbitant commercial risk, that resulted from the entire exploitation, we proposed to the client the traditional courtyard typology as the main structure for the development. The flexibility of the courtyard pattern behaved in function setting, space framework and the process of developing can accommodate the mixed social groups, adapt the native environment and also the different exploitation periods.

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