Baoan Cultural Complex

Rocco Design Architects Limited

The Cultural Complex of Baoan District is composed of three individual buildings - a library, a youth palace and a performing arts centre - that echo with each others on the coast of Shenzhen. The scheme won the first prize in an international competition in 2007.

The three buildings are aligned along a central axis that extends from the city’s hinterland into the South China Sea. The buildings, together with a series of public plazas that are interwoven in between, form a unified whole on the site. Each being a simple, rectangular mass to start with, the buildings are subjected to different morphing operations: the library’s façade subtly tilts upward and outward; the youth palace’s whirls around a central courtyard opening up to the city and the theatre’s flutters like stage curtains against the gentle breeze from the shore.

Tectonically, the buildings’ façades take cues from wood and ivory carving techniques that are indigenous to Southern China: The delicately perforated skins provide not only efficient shading for the interior, but also rich, dramatic visual effects on the exterior. Moreover, the skins’ opacity varies according to the functions they serve at different parts of the building. While formally pioneering, the design inherits its subtleties from a long oriental tradition.

2015, First Prize, Guangdong Outstanding Project Reconnaissance Design Awards
2015, First Prize, National Outstanding Project Reconnaissance Design Award Architecture Construction
2007, Winner, International Invited Competition

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