Bibo Primary School Library

Drawing © DOMAT
Photo © DOMAT
Drawing © DOMAT
Photo © DOMAT
Photo © DOMAT
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Model Southern View
Visualization © DOMAT
0 - 100K
1-5 Stories

Bibo Primary School Library is located in Shenzhen, China. The idea is to combine education with reading and playing, provide enjoyable study experience in a green school environment. The library is adapted from an unused covered playground within the school courtyard.

The design provides active and passive zones: the middle open area for activities and education space, outer path is a quiet area for reading, connecting to the quiet garden outside.

- Reading zone: a quiet area with views outside and communicate with the interior through an open book shelf wall

- Fun zone: steps and bridge creative interesting multiple layers of spaces to allow children to sit and relax

- Education zone: Area for education TV and bigger projective screen teaching to facilitate multimedia teaching

Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley

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