Conceptual Planning and Regulatory Plan of the Northwest Part of Yangzonghai Resort

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Located on the development axis of Kunming and Yiliang, Yangzonghai Tourist Resort,Stone Forest Scenic Area and Jiuxiang Senic Area constitutes a tourist traffic network, which is set on the golden line and central part of tourism circle of central Yunnan, having quite better regional development advantages. In recent years, with its abundant tourist resources and its own advantages of policies, Yangzonghai Tourist Resort is developing rapidly.

In the analysis of the quantity and position of Yangzonghai tourist products, we create the method of calculation combined with the Weighting on the basis of comparison, to determine the carrying capacity of the tourism. We selected two European cities - Italy Lugano and Germany Lindau besides Borden Lake, having the similar characteristics to the surrounding areas of Yangzonghai, of city size, natural resources, industrial type and type of tourist products, thus they have the similar capacity of the environmental space, similar ecological capacity and the similar capacity of tourism resources.

Yiliang Town Planning Board

Planning area
1305 ha

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