Stockholm, Sweden
Visualization © ETTELVA
Visualization © ETTELVA
Visualization © ETTELVA
ETTELVA Arkitekter
Stockholm, Sweden
5-20 Stories


In a historic gas manufacturing plant in Stockholm, contractor JM is developing a new residential area under the name Dalénum. In order to design attractive lakeside apartments JM has chosen to commission Stockholm based architects ETTELVA. Dalénum will be thoroughly transformed into a vibrant neighborhood with apartments, workplaces and eateries. Great care is taken to create an urban character with streets, squares and quays in the central parts. In total, about 1000 flats will be built, where some parts of the old industrial buildings are integrated as part of the new development. The industrial character in the historical district is refined and emphasized to attract young urbanites in search of an exciting place to live. A promenade will be built along the water in front of ETTELVAs blocks of 280 apartments. These are turning one side towards the water park, but are also given a more urban side that relate to existing buildings and the industrial sense found in the older neighborhoods. The new blocks interacts with the old industrial stocks and the adjacent newly built housing in volume and proportion. 

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