Design of the Resort Villa on Qingren Island

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

The individuation villa area of the Qingren Island rejects popular style which could be found everywhere but calls for unique form for each building. However, individuation is not chaos, which means that individualities should be under control of commonness. Therefore, the intention of the guideline is to set a general guide and direction, unifying all the individual design into a harmonious visage.
The Zhoushan area has a long history and a typical island tradition. We hope the villa in the Qingren Island could continue the local traditional culture by a modern form, creating a unique and characteristic architectural style. This is the goal of the guideline.
Base on it, we have analyzed the traditional house in Zhoushan area, abstracted the typical character and element, and thereby interpreted it by the modern architecture language.
Several housing units with living rooms, living patios and living terraces: 15 bedrooms with bathroom (+2-5 rooms for servants) of which two bedrooms for the landlord, two bedrooms for the family and 11 guestrooms. One wellness area with swimming pool is provided both for the landlord and for the guests. The villa has a gross floor area of 1233, 5 sqm.

Plannng area: 25 ha
Villa gross floor area: 1233,5 sqm
Client: Zhoushan Urban Planning Bureau

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