Donghu Civic Center

Zephyr Architects

This project assignment included the development of administrative quarters as well as a citizen and enterprise service center for the Donghu New Economy and Technology Development Zone.  The site is located at a scenic hillside covered with vegetation and punctuated by lakes.  In order to be fully integrated into the natural surroundings, the Donghu Civic Center is designed not as a single building, but as a campus: permeable and fragmented in response to topographical and programmatic requirements.  The most important principle governing the overall design is the primacy of open space over individual buildings.  The buildings are arrayed around the plaza for functional adjacency and to encourage lively interaction.  The main administrative building asserts a strong figural presence, affirming its role as the construction’s symbolic heart.  The extensive garden landscape and the walkways are intended to affirm three primordial values: communication, team work and social and ecological responsibility.


A number of sustainable design features were also incorporated, which include a 18-20m office depth to allow double-sided natural light; a covered walkway system on plaza level; trees, vegetation and shallow pools in the plaza to cool the underground garage; and roof shading devices incorporated with photo voltaic cells.  The horizontal and vertical Brise Soleil visors stop high angle sun light from the south, as well as low angle sun rays from the east and west respectively.

Status: Winning Competition Entry, CD Completed

Client: Wuhan Gaoxin Commission

Building Area: 150,000 sq.m.

Partner-in-Charge: Zhao Zhonggui

Project Team: Zhao Zhonggui, Zhong Mingzheng, Liu Min, Luis Balaguer, Sun Yuan, Qin Qin, Jiao Jianfang

Design Period: 2010-2012

Construction Period: 2012-

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