Element Sports Kunming Hello World

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云南省昆明市官渡区永中路38号, Kunming

Site Analysis

The project is on the top floor of HAILE World which is a new landmark of fashion and is located at No. 38, Yongzhong Road, Guandu District, Kunming city. HAILE World is a 1 million square meter mixed-use commercial project with 240,000 square meters of shopping center. Its open-air diversified fashion card block business model quickly became one of the most popular shopping malls in Kunming.

ELEMENT SPORTS IN KUNMING covers a total area of about 2900 square meters, including a soccer field, three and a half indoor baseball fields and an indoor basketball court. The designer divides the irregular polygonal site into three functional areas which are inspired by the outdoor train symbolizing speed and dynamic movement. The indoor basketball court also runs through the whole space with linear elements, creating a linear space with a strong contrast between black and white.

The client wanted to activate the central indoor and outdoor activity space, promote interaction between sports enthusiasts, attract more customers to participate in the clock and enhance the experience of people in the outdoor sports space.

The main body of the entrance of the outdoor football field adopts a hard outline. The overall shape is similar to the high-tech outdoor platform. On the one hand, it is conducive to the efficient functional layout, which is the starting point of the whole outdoor train experience. The curved eaves and tunnel corridor not only provide dramatic space, but also meet the requirements of outdoor shelter from wind and rain. On the other hand, its metal texture and the unique arc and straight line elements of the ball game outlined with the lamp belt also bring people into the atmosphere of power and speed contest. The two arc-shaped bodies are overlapped and occluded by straight lines, echoing with the outdoor square and road. The spherical lighting modeling emphasize the theme of the whole movement, foreshadowing the baseball batting field at the other end of the journey.

The lighting area is combined with the spectator corridors to avoid any annoying backlighting effects when people are watching the game. The spherical lighting installation surrounding the entrance gives the impression of white purity. The combination of high and low forms connects the corridor with the grey space.

Material Selection

The materials used in the whole space are processed from the steel profiles of the market, and the lamp belt is inlaid in the later stage. Under the limited cost, a basic unit space is enclosed by the processing and utilization of different lap joints of profiles. Rich profile modules in different positions have special lap processing, the purpose is to make the monotonous envelope strong and durable while achieving the effect of open field of vision and create a rich and open space. With the addition of the lamp belt, the texture of metal materials is used to the extreme, decorating a clear contrast between virtual and real, transparent and dynamic space.

The use of materials is bold, bright and distinctive. Black steel frame, acrylic light and wood grain floor are used to highlight the depth and affinity of the corridor through its natural texture and tone. White and black are the main colors dotted with a little warm yellow, so that it naturally forms a cool color aesthetic feeling.

Design Details

In order to enhance the narrative of the environment, the shape of train windows is introduced into the design of the surrounding wall of the football field. The LED lamp belt and mirror material are reversed to outline the sports scene of the center court, just like the views from a car on the road. The youth running on the playground in those years are reflected between the virtual and real.

The rest area is connected with the space of outdoor football field and baseball field. The train seats provide customers with a rest platform during sports. Mirror windows, balls that run out of the wall and the ground and white stones matched with outdoor anticorrosive wood create a surrealist picture in the subconscious of outdoor sports journey. It is really an excellent punching platform.

In contrast to the black and white simplicity of the outdoor atmosphere, the indoor basketball court is a colorful space with interesting square blocks. The designers adopted three prefabricated panels of different sizes and thicknesses to form the façade. The thickest panel is dark orange. The medium thickness panel is medium orange and the thinnest panel is light orange. Three kinds of panels are distributed on the facade where the basket frame is located. They break the monotony and unity caused by the standardized wall, forming the facade of changing rhythm.

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