Encounter – ONESWEAR Changsha Joy City Jewelry Store

Changsha Joy City
Parallect Design
长沙大悦城, Changsha Joy City

Below the surface of the sea where the sun does not shine is the mysterious, secluded deep sea. Far away from the airy world we are familiar with, bring your equipment to breathe in the water, where the protagonists of the story meet and enjoy the moments that belong to each other alone.

As a fashion pioneer jewelry brand, ONESWEAR keeps breaking the traditional concept, expressing its opinion on love through each store and each art installation, hoping to arouse the resonance of lovers. This time, we are in Changsha Joy City, redefining romance.

Theme: Encounter
The art installation located in the center of the main entrance of the store is presented in the form of a combination, with the two main subjects as the main characters of the encounter each presenting their own characteristics and coexisting harmoniously in the world of the deep sea.

At the moment of encounter, we began to believe that even if we are not the same as each other, even if we do not have any expectation, even if we do not know the future direction, we must be the protagonists of some romantic story when we meet here.

Diving Suit - Walk
The old diving suit is dismantled and the cumbersome shell is streamlined, leaving the most representative helmet and handguards. The old rust and worn surface are imprinted with the traces of long time and rich journey, as if suggesting people to put it on and experience this deep sea journey, to get rid of the heavy shackles and ties of real life, to set out for the unknown and mystery, and to meet with destiny.

Mysterious Fish - Dancing Together
The unexpected companion of the deep sea is elegant and mysterious. The transparent hood is like a luminous device guiding this underwater encounter; the organic body shape is round and elastic, full of life; the huge and soft tail and fins sway around the diving suit in the sea water. The deep-sea phantom breathing in the hood maintains an ambiguous distance that will touch but not touch, tender and loving, dancing together at the bottom of the sea.

The shape of the main body is realized through 3D printing, while the texture is carved manually using metallic paints and coatings. Some stainless steel decorations are scattered around the installation to simulate the underwater environment.

Space Interpretation
Joy City is a new mall located in the North Star Delta of Changsha. As a store that was renovated and opened at the same time as the mall as a whole, Van Oath did not intentionally cater to the mall environment in terms of decorative style, but rather expressed itself through the design language of space and installation, which complemented the open and free spirit of subversion of tradition encouraged by the mall.

After sorting out the original spatial conditions, we extended the short wall to enclose the storage space, the square pillar and the short wall are connected as a window surface, while the two pillars at the angle of the double side openings are connected as a whole, and with the curved wall of the interior the two main and secondary entrances are made into an inward sloping shape, which not only solves the disadvantage of having too many pillars and too close to each other, but also naturally brings the flow of people into the store and the light into "Deep Sea".
The interior space of the new wall, on the other hand, becomes a unique double-sided window display due to the attribute of the store's double-sided opening. The foam aluminum, which is different from the wall material, makes the two respective prominent windows look like periscopes poking out from the bottom of the sea, displaying mysterious and shiny jewelry.

The window space on the left side of the square column is designed as a doorway with the texture of the deep sea of the theme, and two shaped window display cabinets are set in it. The back side naturally forms a semi-enclosed and relatively private space, which is suitable for setting up reception tables and communicating with customers here.

The texture of the rammed earth paint is natural, just like the rough surface of coral and reef, simulating the environment of the seabed and creating an immersive space atmosphere; the vertical showcase at the main entrance is the reef that rises out of the sky, while the wall showcases embedded in the curved wall are the clamshells that open their hearts and show the treasures of the deep sea. Each diamond is a unique "heart of the ocean", a star that has fallen into the deep sea, shining tantalizingly under the searchlight, waiting for a destined person to write them into his or her own story.

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