FAB-UNION SPACE on the West Bund

Photo © Hao Chen
Photo © Hao Chen
Photo © Hao Chen
Photo © Hao Chen
Photo © Hao Chen
Archi-Union Architects

This project, which is intended to be an impressive space in the city. Although it is micro in scale, Fab-Union Space is powerful enough to represent a new attitude to the value shift in architecture. It is located in the West Bund area of Shanghai, which is planned to be a future art and culture center of the city. Adjacent to ShanghART Gallery, West Bund Art Center and several other architecture studios, the location of the site is terrific It is only 200 m away from Huangpu river front and two blocks away from the historical quarter of Longhua Temple. Moreover, Long Museum West Bund (See pp. 20¨C27), Shanghai Center of Photography and Yuz Museum are all within walking distance. It is undoubtedly located within the art community that is making significant experiments in Shanghai. Fab-Union SPACE will become a future non-profit contemporary art, architecture and culture communication center. It is intended to be an exhibition and communication space.
The program is specially set for exhibitions. Five basic spaces ¨C two 4.2-m height spaces and three 2.8-m height spaces ¨C are all regular squares, for multi-functional flexibility. All of the special space experience lies in the in-between circulation space. Interior public space, followed by the exterior form finding process, is enhanced by abstract thinking about creating an experience like climbing the rockery of a Chinese garden. The key aspect of Chinese garden design is to make it big through small scale, which is extremely efficient in changing sceneries with varying viewpoints. The abstract process for this kind of experience is achieved by the hyperbolic paraboloid surface geometry, which is intensified from different perspectives.

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