Gaggenau Showroom Chengdu

Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
Photo © Bodo Mertoglu
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Einszu33 can announce the opening of a brand-new flagship showroom in Chengdu, Mainland China. Gaggenau Chengdu boasts a brand exhibition and product display area, dining-in concept and a wine room. Sitting at just over 530 square meters, it is almost double the size of any other Gaggenau showroom in the world.

In keeping with a series of firsts for Gaggenau, the Chengdu showroom will also be the first brand experience space to implement a ‘dining in’ concept. One side of the showroom is dedicated to an area similar to a traditional restaurant, seating up to 36 guests, whilst oppositely located is a professional chefs’ prep room and an intimate private dining area; enabling the chef to carry out focused demonstrations of culinary culture.

Drawing inspiration from the same building typology historically found in ancient Chinese homes, einszu33 included a contemporary take on a Siheyuan as part of the showroom layout: a courtyard surrounded by buildings on all four sides, known to symbolize wealth and prosperity. To further complement this tradition, Black Forest trees were included as part of the elegant courtyard construct, to pay homage to the brand’s German heritage dating back to 1683.

Further embracing Chinese architectural customs, bamboo was utilized as part of the ceiling design throughout the entire showroom. Bamboo was a carefully considered aspect of the overall interior due to its Chinese origin, prosperous growth and close affinity with the nation’s national treasure, the Panda Bear.

Included within the showroom’s layout is a lifestyle area, where the design concept and approach have been stripped back to reveal a pure, clean aesthetic, often reflected in the product design of Gaggenau appliances. This approach has been carried through to the wine room, which houses a selection of fine wine bottles, encased and beautifully displayed, in Gaggenau Vario wine climate cabinets.

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