Golden Tree Diamond Taipei Store

No. 199
Parallect Design
忠孝東路, 10655 No. 199

he project is located in a commercial street full of worldly atmosphere, Zhongxiao East Road, Da'an District, Taipei. The store is 4.1m wide and 14m deep, with the height of only 2.7 meters. Based on three aspects of the space structure, brand concept and art, the whole design revolves around the love contained in the brand. Diamond, as the custom product of the jewelry brand, is extracted by the designer into unprocessed natural ore slices. The design which origins from the heart, transform the concrete symbol of love into three-dimensional context, the presentation of love in the world, to be exact. The design of irregular LED translucent metaphors the diamond luster after which the rough stone is polished. This light-emitting device is not only functional but also an artistic. The most direct way is aimed to arouse the curiosity of passers-by and find out. The hard shape and shining light interpret the design concept of global brand high-end customization, conveying a delicate and mysterious.

A blue heart-shaped installation in the center of the sight is the beginning of the ingenuity in the space. The low-key luminous block is wrapped in silver brushed stainless steel. With the movement of the position and perspective of the customers, different perspectives of images are generated. In the morphological language of different spatial levels, the blue heart becomes more eye-catching in the pure silver tone, faintly refracting light; the linear light strip extends the space, allowing the visual interface to spread infinitely; the use of an exaggerated heart-shaped installation brighten the entire gray space, expressing the dynamics with the frozen heart shape about to explode; with dark furniture displaying details, it allows the customers to focus on the central heart-shaped design. Each showcase is waiting for customers to pick up its most moving side.

On one side is the heart-shaped display area, and on the other is the diamond display area. Both is integrated in the connection of mirror materials. The story of love is born in this world.

Some monomers are used as jewelry display functions to show the brand's permanent collection, and others can be constantly replaced with new products of every season, leaving space with unlimited possibilities. The recessed niche space of the showcase is still brushed stainless steel, combined with the warm velvet underside as the jewelry background, commensurate with the overall tailor atmosphere.

Several groups of parallel modules are connected and independent of each other to form a display unit consisting of a box containing display and collection. The independent monomers are stretched into a dynamic expression in the space. These parallel modules are composed of laser-cut electroplated stainless steel plates and acrylic plates, and are equipped with colorful LED light-emitting lamps. All components are prefabricated and processed in the Shanghai factory during the epidemic. To Taipei, on-site hoisting welding or hinged connection. Numerical control processing ensures the precision of the installation components. The method of assembly and installation of prefabricated modules greatly saves the labor and time cost of on-site construction. Moreover, the main materials used in these construction devices can be disassembled to replace the display site.

The dynamic sense of the space is an important part of this project with traditional metal and linear lighting system. The space display is completely presented in the horizontally expanded glass. At the same time, the passages in the exhibition and display areas open their arms for customers to explore forward.

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