Guizhou South-Western Monority Ethnic Cultural Center

South-West of Guizhou Province
Photo © West-line Studio
Photo © West-line Studio
Photo © West-line Studio
Photo © West-line Studio
Photo © West-line Studio
Photo © West-line Studio
Photo © West-line Studio
Drawing © West-line Studio
Drawing © West-line Studio
Drawing © West-line Studio
West-line Studio
Xingyi City, South-West of Guizhou Province
Building Area
44949 sqm
Design Team
West - line Studio
Lead Architects
Haobo Wei, Jingsong Xie

Guizhou South-Western Monority Ethnic Cultural Center is located in the center of Xingyi City, a capital city of south-western Guizhou, China. It is a cultural complex including a batik painting hall, a corlorful court, a Miao embroidery hall and a Bouyei-drama theatre. As a city landmark, it is quite significant.

The folding roof originates from the unique peak cluster landform of South-west district in Guizhou. The roofs are converted into colorful glass crystals and perforated plates. The flexible folding roofs sparkling under the sun and fading in the rain to allude to the looming mountains.

The linear facade is formed with a sequence of vertical lines and frosted glasses to create a magnificent momentum through repeated line sequences, and a foggy atmosphere to the interior space.

The stacked base is converted to large steps which contain activity function according to the height difference of terrain.

The nationality culture center is located in the city with?a typical grid system. Considering structural rationality , economical efficiency ,we separated the large and small areas into groups respectively,?in order to?establish the space control mode with three zones extending from south to north?with three major functions: Batik painting hall, Miao embroidery hall, and Bouyei-drama theater.

The colorful court was filled with high white light and some colorful light which originate a romantic legend from the Miao nationality. For Miao nationality, butterflies’ mother is the ancestor of all, so we try to create a special style of ethnic minority pure and high-quality public entrance space.

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