Huangpu River East Bund Riverfront Open Space Design

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)
Pudong District, Shanghai, Shanghai

Huangpu River East Bund Riverfront Open space Design, connecting to Xinhua Riverfront Green Space, links up with Yangjing Harbor Huihong Bridge in the east, while inserts Minsheng Ferry Terminal in the west. Based on integrity and continuity of urbanism, this project creates colorful slow-traffic space and abundant touring experience by designing with various usage flows: cycling, jogging and walking. At the very beginning, the architect utilized the strategy of “Historical landscape coexists with newborn landscape”, responding to the theme of “Art+Daily+Event”.
The project reserves the original industrial remains, at the same time imbeds new activity spaces. Thus the flow meets the command of both daily and festival activities. In the context of ecology, the project will become one of the most distinctive entertaining riverfront space of Huangpu River East Bund in the future.

CLIENT: Shanghai East Bund Investment(Group)Co., Ltd
LOCATION: Pudong District, Shanghai
TYPE: Landscape & Infrastructure
SIZE: 27191.5sqm
DESIGN/ BUILT: 2016/2018

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